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What Airplane Should You Buy?

January 27, 2021 |  Business

Asking yourself, “What airplane should I buy?” Here’s a tip: It’s not one of these three jets.

Our worldwide team of aircraft sales experts know the types of aircraft that you should never purchase. Listen to Rebecca Johnson, JetHQ President-EMEA, describe these aircraft in detail.

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Aircraft Missing Logbooks

Aircraft logbooks record the condition of the airplane you’re interested in buying. They also log the dates of its inspections and the time – or flight hours – on the airframe, engines and propellers. Information in a logbook is necessary to determine the true value of an aircraft.

“The value of an aircraft can be diminished by 50% without logbooks.”

Rebecca Johnson, JetHQ President-EMEA

Improperly Maintained Aircraft

You might run across “the deal of the century” when you’re looking at aircraft to buy, but Johnson urges caution. Airplanes that have not been hangared, that have not run their engines or that have flat tires will take more than a little effort to make airworthy again.

We recommend consulting a trusted technical advisor and allocating budget for maintenance.

“You need an aircraft which is well maintained, especially as a first-time buyer.”

Rebecca Johnson, JetHQ President-EMEA

Aircraft That Stretch Your Budget

When purchasing your first aircraft, stick to your budget. Johnson notes that it’s easier to upgrade your aircraft rather than stretch your allocated budget to purchase one with all the bells and whistles you don’t yet know you need.

Find the Right Airplane to Buy

JetHQ brings its extensive aviation experience and real-time industry insights to each aircraft transaction we support. Whether you’re buying your first or your next aircraft, we are dedicated partner looking out for your interests every step of the way.