private aircraft brokerage

Global Aircraft Brokerage Services

Your business goals are important to us. Whether you want to reach new markets, expand your holdings, or streamline inventory, JetHQ is trusted worldwide for providing our customers proper guidance and advice relative to aircraft transactions. Our international team is ready to help with all aspects of aircraft acquisition or sale, market research, listings, evaluation, inspections and acceptance through delivery.

aircraft acquisitions  Aircraft Acquisitions

Aircraft acquisition is an important decision typically involving a major investment with long-term impact. JetHQ will work within your goals and objectives and your specified criteria, to evaluate and assess the market and present for your consideration the most suitable options.

With offices and sales professionals based in New York, Dubai, Chester, UK, Tampa, Wichita, Kansas City, and Greenwich, you get unmatched access to inventory located throughout the world. JetHQ’s global team and resources are there to assist you in acquiring the right aircraft at the right price.

aircraft inspections  Aircraft Inspections

The hardest part of purchasing a used aircraft is knowing you purchased the right one. We alleviate those concerns with an in-depth review of the maintenance and operational history and a thorough pre-purchase inspection. Our in-house inspection team will ensure a fair and timely evaluation to help keep you safe, minimize risk, and protect your investment.

aircraft delivery  Brokerage

Selling your aircraft is a momentous decision. With JetHQ, you get access to a highly experienced team of professionals and an international network of resources and associates. You can be rest assured that utilizing our market research and marketing strategies, JetHQ will bring you qualified buyers and fair offers for your aircraft.

aircraft acceptance  Acceptance and Delivery

Acceptance and delivery is one of the most important steps in the aircraft ownership process. The JetHQ team provides excellent project management, problem solving, and communication at each step to ensure the aircraft acceptance and delivery takes place in a timely manner.