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Secrets of Private Jet Ownership

April 20, 2021 |  Business

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to own their own private jet? Founder and Managing Director Garett Jerde highlights some of the best aspects about private jet ownership. Private jet ownership opens up a whole new world of travel with the beyond-first-class experience you want.

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  1. Departure Time: Whenever

Not only can you depart for your trip when you want, but you can also alter your travel plans with a single phone call to your aircraft manager or pilot. Like Garett says: If you need to stay for one more round of golf or another day to close that deal, you can.

  1. Destination: 5,000+ Airports

One of private jet ownership’s best kept secret shouldn’t be a secret. Private jets can fly in and out of more airports than commercial airliners, and there are more private airports than commercial airlines serve. Owning your own jet literally opens up new destinations for your direct travel.

  1. Baggage Fees: $0

For some businesses, private jet ownership turns a logistical travel nightmare into a dreamy, efficient trip. How? By offering baggage capacity for the specialized equipment needed to conduct business.

Of course, if you’re traveling for leisure, that same baggage capacity carries all the tools you need to hit the slopes or the greens.

  1. Tickets? Try Seats

As a private jet owner, Garett knows you’re about to make a lot of new friends. Be choosy about how many seats you need on the jet you buy, so you can be less choosy about the friends you bring along for the flight.

So, are you ready to make the transition from flyer to owner? Private jet ownership is a significant investment that will have a long-term impact on your business and personal lifestyles – all for the better. Let us help you find the aircraft that meets your needs.