questions to ask when buying a plane

Questions to Ask When Buying a Plane

February 22, 2021 |  Business

If you have a mission, we know the perfect private jet to help you make it. Our experts have decades of experience in finding, acquiring and matching an aircraft – out of hundreds of models – to our clients needs.

First, you’ll answer three questions we ask to help narrow down the search. Rebecca Johnson, JetHQ President-EMEA, breaks them down in our latest video.

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  1. Where will you do the most traveling?

Your aircraft should be able to complete at least 80% of your missions. For example, say the majority of your travel is within the European Union, but you fly to New York City once or twice a year.

Your perfect jet completes the mission in the E.U., and you stop for fuel on your way the States.

  1. How many passengers do you normally travel with?

Rebecca walks through a few examples in the video, including traveling with three colleagues or all seven of her sister’s children. Plus, a nanny. The number of passengers you normally travel with will determine the size of the jet you need.

A light jet cannot fly Rebecca’s nieces and nephews to their State-side reunion, but an ultra long range jet can.

  1. What is your acquisition budget?

As aircraft go up in size, seats, range and amenities, so do the acquisition prices. You will see two very different jets at $5 million and $15 million. Our advice? Stick to your budget, especially as a first-time buyer. You can always trade-in your aircraft and upgrade to a larger model with more seating capacity, if needed.

Find the Right Airplane to Buy

JetHQ brings its extensive aviation experience and real-time industry insights to each aircraft transaction we support. Whether you’re buying your first or your next aircraft, we are dedicated partner looking out for your interests every step of the way.