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Private Aviation Answers the Market’s Needs

February 18, 2021 |  Business

by Walter Stark, Vice President of Sales

What has changed in private aviation in a year’s time? Nearly everything.

Airlines have reduced their schedules drastically, especially on international routes. Flying from here in the United Kingdom to Europe or the United States is considerably more difficult with only a handful of flights each day to fewer locations, compared to dozens of daily flights previously to places such as New York.

Those flights aren’t coming back any time soon, either. Even with promising news regarding COVID-19 vaccines, airline demand is down 61% since 2019, according to IATA. Nearly two dozen airlines have already ceased operations and others may follow, which affects airport access, as well. Commercial air travel isn’t forecasted to return to pre-pandemic levels until at least 2024.

Walter Stark, JetHQ Vice President of Sales

That’s a difficult position for the individuals who can’t afford to stop traveling. Or for the health and safety of business flyers, who are forced into hub airports, rather than direct point-to-point travel. They face longer delays, more touchpoints and less individual services.

Protecting Personnel

It’s no wonder that more and more companies are taking control of travel options through private aviation ownership. Entering the market for the first time, these buyers are seeking to minimize risks for their teams and allow executives maximum security, travel autonomy and location flexibility.

Purchasing a pre-owned business jet makes even more sense for UK-based corporate travelers, who also face Brexit complications. They open up routes to continental Europe more easily and don’t rely on third parties. They offer more efficient ways to travel, reducing time and the number of flights needed.

Owners can also use private aircraft to transport key cargo out of the UK, bypassing increasingly stalled ground transportation due to border restrictions. A delay of days or even hours can make a world of difference financially. Being able to fly immediately is only possible through ownership, not through charter or membership cards.

Ask for Expertise

As first-time buyers enter the marketplace, they should be cautious in finding the right assistance in their search. They should ask the following of a potential partner:

  • Does this company have a team with an extensive and proven track record in aviation?
  • Do they have a wide, international network with offices around the globe, in order to find the right aircraft for your needs?
  • Do they have the senior leadership that has experience and relationships with manufacturers to facilitate transactions?
  • Is the company accredited by International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), the most exclusive and vetted group of accredited and trusted dealers?
  • Can they help find qualified buyers to maximize the return on current aircraft as part of fleet management services?
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Our team at JetHQ can unequivocally answer all of these questions affirmatively. We were assisting clients long before the current market status, and we have the connections, passion and resources to thrive long after its demands return to pre-2020 levels.

Connect With Experience

Let our sales professionals answer your questions and help you navigate the aircraft marketplace during these unique times.