Ultimate Jet: Fail to plan & plan to fail

October 10, 2021 |  Business Commercial

Rebecca Johnson, JetHQ President EMEA, recently talked to Ultimate Jet magazine about the state of the preowned aircraft market and JetHQ’s outlook for the region. 

Johnson grew up in a residential airpark estate in California. We first met when she was a young demonstration pilot flying all over the world as part of Hawker Beechcraft. As a corporate pilot, she flew various VIPs to their global business destinations. She’s been in charge of Gulfstream’s sales territory in southern Europe. With her varied experiences and deep outdoors passion,Rebecca has flown far and raced hard, both in cycling and triathlon. She doesn’t sit still for long. Her home in Switzerland serves as an excellent base for monitoring the continents large aviation community and scenic bicycle rides through the mountains. Knowing the industry well, she carves out an inside path to JetHQ’s next prospect.

Ultimate Jet: Are you seeing a surge of sales in EMEA?
Johnson: The demand is absolutely there, but it’s difficult for everyone to get the inventory necessary to fulfill that. So going to new lengths to get aircraft to prospects and buyers has been extremely important. In the past year, we created an Africa sales division and established an office in Egypt shortly thereafter. From our Dubai-based office, we enhanced other services throughout Africa. Being able to get to and from these markets quickly has made a difference to our clients. JetHQ has the resources and connections to make transactions easy for clients. That included having a pilot and technician in the country or region to assist after a deal was done. We took the opportunity to serve customers and areas that other companies just weren’t able to. 

Read the full article here: https://fr.calameo.com/read/002147089de12219edc41, which begins on Page 48.