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Navigating Regulations Worldwide Takes Experience

July 30, 2020 |  Business

Every organization has seen some aspect of business being interrupted over the past few months. What’s true for companies in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic has also been true for governments, which can be difficult to navigate during the best of times.

As countries and regions may struggle to maintain regular governmental activities, it’s crucial to work with a team of aviation experts who know international regulations and transaction pitfalls. Completing and processing aircraft deals needs the right group of professionals who are on-site to handle the details. Trust the JetHQ group that has years of experience closing and getting deals finished.

If you were starting a team today to make aircraft deals easier around the globe in a COVID world, you would follow the blueprint set by JetHQ Founder Garett Jerde. He brought together industry veterans and a team of aviation experts and sales professionals to make transactions better for both buyers and sellers. To be the dedicated partner looking out for clients’ interests, every step of the way.

JetHQ’s on-the-ground experts know the local culture, speak the language and can navigate complex regulations. It’s how they turn a deal from stuck to completed.

People such as Chairman Ted Farid, whose decades of work helped build international relationships and broke barriers with new markets in Asia. Or Rohit Kapur, President JetHQ Asia, who flew helicopters in the Indian Army for almost 20 years before founding and leading his own civil aviation company.

Throughout the world – including Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas – JetHQ has the qualified and trusted sales professionals and experts to get planes from one territory to another, and to overcome registration concerns and unforeseen obstacles.

While some marketplaces are closed to other sales professionals, JetHQ’s experience and acumen keeps them open. With exclusive access to a wide range of jets, turboprops and helicopters, JetHQ has the financial resources and in-house contracting to make deals happen. As a member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), JetHQ has the contacts to find the qualified buyers and respected sellers.

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