Information is Key in Aircraft Sales, Especially Now

October 14, 2020 |  Business Commercial

Aircraft operators have shifted their habits and priorities just like everyone else during the Coronavirus pandemic. Flight needs and aircraft usage that worked in 2019 might not be applicable in late 2020.

It might be by reducing commercial flight needs in favor of private travel. Or changing aircraft sizes to accommodate more or fewer team members. Some have decided it’s the time to enter the market as first-time owners to take advantage of tax benefits. Regardless of the situation, buyers and sellers need the right information to find the best options and complete complicated aircraft transactions.

JetHQ’s team of aviation professionals have the expertise to ensure clients sort through a myriad of details to make informed purchase decisions and to ensure aircraft owners see maximum return on their investments.

Finding the right aircraft can be a long process, but COVID might have disrupted it. As prospective buyers look to move into a private aircraft or move up in plane size, it’s useful to have someone who has the answers to questions that arise. What are the differences between owning a single-engine piston or a twin turboprop aircraft? When is the time to move to larger jets with greater range?

Measuring hourly costs and maintenance expenses while devising capital investment strategies – only experienced aviation experts can help buyers navigate this process.

JetHQ protects buyers with thorough inspections and aircraft history research. Our sales professionals facilitate getting desired aircraft directly in front of buyers. Other groups with fewer resources and fewer options have difficulty making this crucial step happen in this time of increased precautions.

For sellers looking to downsize or realign their fleet, JetHQ is able to match their aircraft with qualified buyers even with fluctuating inventory in the marketplace. Our team can advise on pricing and sales strategies to ensure full compensation for aircraft that are no longer needed for an organization.

Talk to our sales professionals to get the right information for your transaction.

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