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How to Buy a Private Jet

May 11, 2021 |  Business

Rebecca Johnson, JetHQ President, EMEA, shares the five steps to how to buy a private jet.

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Step 1: Find an experience broker

Experience aircraft brokers not only have experience in sales, they also have a breadth of experience across the business aviation industry.

For example, Rebecca was a demonstration pilot for Hawker Beechcraft and a corporate pilot flying CEOs and VIPs around the world. Before coming to JetHQ, she led Gulfstream’s sales territory in southern Europe. Her deep experience and storied background in the industry makes her an ideal sales professional for buyers looking for a broker they can trust.

When you find a professional you trust, they will ask you three questions to direct their search for your aircraft.

  1. Where will you do the most traveling?
  2. How many passengers do you normally travel with?
  3. What is your acquisition budget?

Step 2: Submit your letter of intent

A letter of intent is simply a price offering from the buyer to the seller, which is why the third question above is so important. An experienced aircraft broker will help you find an aircraft within your budget and submit an offer with which both you and the seller will be comfortable.

Step 3: Fill out an aircraft purchase agreement

The aircraft purchase agreement is your contract, detailing the terms and conditions of the aircraft sale.

Step 4: The aircraft moves to the pre-purchase inspection

During the pre-purchase inspection, a maintenance facility or technical aircraft advisor will review records and inspect the aircraft. This evaluation is necessary to ensure safety, minimize risk and protect your investment.

JetHQ’s in-house inspection team of experienced pilots and maintenance technicians will provide the in-depth review of the maintenance and operation history of the aircraft.

Step 5: Closing

The final step in acquiring an aircraft is the close. Funds are transferred from buyer to seller, and then you take title of your aircraft.

Welcome to aircraft ownership.

How to Buy an Aircraft with JetHQ

If you would like to talk to an expert about purchasing an aircraft, reach out to us. We are happy to provide an introduction to the process, a second opinion or help you find and acquire your aircraft.