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June 21, 2021 |  Business Commercial

By Rohit Kapur, President JetHQ Asia

The world of private aviation is more than just one country or region. It’s truly an international marketplace where the best aircraft or deal can only be found past a national border. Better options for both buyers and sellers await, but only if they have assistance navigating global aircraft acquisitions.

Rohit Kapur, President JetHQ Asia

Aircraft operators in the United States have enjoyed the benefits of a business aviation environment built over decades. With most of the world’s private aircraft located in North America, chances are a U.S.-based buyer can generally find the aircraft with the needed specifications or fit. It’s more difficult to find the same options in emerging markets such as India or southeast Asia.

Why should a buyer limit a search to just 10 or 20% of the global market by staying within that region?

JetHQ’s aviation professionals are able to source aircraft from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the U.S. to assist buyers in India or south Asia. We put our full resources of worldwide connections to work for clients. Whether that’s through international research departments within North America or Europe who track every possible aircraft which may be available for sale, or locally based sales members who understand local languages, cultures and markets to locate the right plane for the client.

Finding the Buyer

Sellers have an even greater advantage when moving internationally. For U.S.-based sellers, allowing an aircraft to be promoted globally increases its value, and prevents it from being overlooked in a potentially saturated market.

JetHQ professionals can also determine where an aircraft is in higher demand, based on thorough analysis of trends and data. That adds up to a higher resale price for owners, maximizing their investment.

By being a member of the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), JetHQ brings a higher level or reputation than other brokers within these markets. Buyers and sellers alike know we have been vetted and adheres to IADA’s rigorous standards to receive this prestigious accreditation.

Partners Throughout the Process

JetHQ excels at guiding clients through every phase of the transaction – including areas made more difficult by pandemic restrictions. With team members and preferred partners all over the world, we work with pilots and technicians to ensure aircraft are in great condition, well-maintained and exactly as advertised.

We utilize technology and virtual inspections when a physical presence cannot be safely achieved. We take full responsibility to make sure all aspects of the deal are done correctly and to clients’ satisfaction. That includes dealing with difficult local regulations which can stop inexperienced brokers.

An exclusive listing with JetHQ ensures maximum exposure to our worldwide buyers, creating the most value for one’s aircraft. We get the plane in front of the right people, working 100% on the client’s behalf until it is sold and delivered. 

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