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Royal Forjet Turns to JetHQ for Expertise

July 6, 2021 |  Business Featured

Buying an aircraft requires a great deal of information, the Royal Forjet team has discovered. There are many factors to consider, including the specifications and capabilities of an aircraft, and how it would fit into their charter jet company’s needs. And of course, there are the financial considerations.

“This is an aircraft purchase,” Royal Forjet’s Kaan Kanici said. “You don’t want to make any mistakes. If it’s a car, you can change or fix it easily. But with an aircraft, it’s not that simple. If it’s the wrong one, it can be a big cost. Because of this, I needed to get full information from the broker before we can proceed.”

The first thing that stood out about JetHQ was its familiarity with Turkey and the business community there.

While founder Adid Barboti, Kanici and their Istanbul, Turkey-based group were looking an aircraft transaction team that could answer their questions, they discovered JetHQ and Kani Saritas, based on a recommendation from a colleague.

“Kani didn’t have any language barrier and he knows our culture,” Kanici said of Saritas, JetHQ’s Vice President of Sales based in Dubai, UAE. “He was really professional. He had the experience. Every process was very easy with Kani.”

Through the process of purchasing a Beechjet 400A from JetHQ the Royal Forjet team found Saritas was always available to handle any concerns or answer questions as a dedicated point of contact. This was especially important to Barboti, whose Barboti Holding group operates numerous companies throughout the region. As founder of AG Platinum, Barboti has more than 30 years’ worth of business experience with aviation and tourism industries, as well as defense and energy.

“We’re calling 24 hours a day, and I ask Kani, ‘What is this?’ or ‘Please explain that again,’ “ Kanici said. “He did very well” to deliver the information crucial to the transaction. That allowed Royal Forjet’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC) team to move forward with confidence and complete the purchase.

For Barboti, that decision aligned with his company’s core values to work with principled partners who help enhance its value through ethical, people-focused interactions.

It was a clear contrast between JetHQ and others they dealt with. When looking for another aircraft with longer range, Kanici said Royal Forjet had contacted additional brokers, without satisfactory results. “I’m asking many questions, but they just gave me short answers” that didn’t help, he said.

Barboti and Kanici have returned to JetHQ to assist them in finding a Hawker 800XP that could serve Royal Forjet charter customers reach international destinations from Istanbul to Russia, Dubai, Qatar and throughout the Middle East. While JetHQ didn’t have the specific aircraft in its inventory, they turned to Saritas and JetHQ to help them purchase from another broker. They knew they could trust JetHQ to handle contracting and perform visual checks – incredibly important facets of the transaction process, especially during a time when aircraft movement and personal travel between countries had been limited due to pandemic restrictions.

As Royal Forjet grows, Barboti and Kanici anticipate working with JetHQ again to assist them in acquisitions. And of course, to call Saritas and lean on his expertise.

“He was like my brother,” Kanici joked. “I talked to him more than my family during the process.”

Kani Saritas

Meet Kani Saritas

Kani Saritas, Vice President of Sales, leads our Middle East and Africa sales territory. Through a lifetime in aviation, he has worked with FBOs, MROs and aircraft owners to make buying an aircraft easier. He considers every aspect of a transaction for clients, from engineering to comfort to value. In every detail, trust that JetHQ prioritizes your interests first.