garett jerde

What to Know Before Buying a Private Jet

September 27, 2022 |  Business

Buying a private jet is a significant investment that will have a long-term impact on both your business and personal lifestyles. Before deciding on the type of aircraft you want to buy, JetHQ Founder and Manager Director Garett Jerde offers these insights to help you direct your decision.

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Know Your Mission

“Mission” is aviation-speak for the flights you plan to take. We recommend buying a jet that accomplishes 80-90% of those missions without needing to stop for fuel.

Know Your Budget

Budget is very important in finding the aircraft that will suit your needs the best. As always, we want prospective buyers to stick to their budget.

Know Your Tax Options

Bonus depreciation comes at the end of every year in the United States. This tax program benefits business aircraft buyers when buying a jet. The 2020 CARES Act also created tax avenues to improve acquisition costs.

Know the Jet You’re Buying

Properly evaluating and understanding the aircraft you’re buying is important, especially in the preowned market. We perform in-depth reviews of every aircraft in our preowned inventory during a thorough pre-purchase inspection.

Know JetHQ

Garett is only joking in the video, but he’s not wrong. JetHQ has the team and resources to help you acquire the right aircraft at the right price. We work with your specified criteria to evaluate and assess the market, then present only the most suitable options.