Bringing the JetHQ Team Together

April 25, 2022 |  Business

One of the JetHQ team’s greatest strengths is the connected team of aviation experts, working together to provide aircraft solutions to people around the globe. Finally, after two years, we were able to bring that team together in one place, meeting face-to-face to learn new skills, create bigger goals and celebrate our achievements.

For the first time since 2020, JetHQ recently gathered our colleagues from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East to join our North America team at a company-wide retreat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Getting together was as much about looking forward to what the future holds as it was about appreciating the team’s accomplishments. In the 10th year of the company, JetHQ celebrated its busiest year yet, in terms of aircraft transactions, topping more than 50 closed deals in 2021.

It’s a testament to the trust clients have in our personnel that so many aircraft deals were completed. The past year has seen its share of obstacles to completing transactions, including travel restrictions and regulations, which affected inspections and buyer opportunities. It wasn’t always possible to bring a plane to a buyer to have them see firsthand the aircraft they were seeking.

While the market has been red-hot, keeping aircraft inventory available for buyers has also been a challenge for the team. Our group has been searching for the right aircraft to fulfill the needs for buyers in the United States, Europe, India, Mexico and the Middle East, among other places. Since 2020, JetHQ has expanded operations in Africa and south Asia, allowing more and more businesses, individuals and governments to take advantage of aircraft ownership.

Leading and Winning

Garett Jerde, JetHQ’s founder and managing director, assembled a team based on experience and customer service. Whether it’s a sales director or a technical analyst, JetHQ professionals are at the top of their fields, able to deliver unique insights or provide an unmatched network of connections that benefit clients.

Our team is self-driving, but also motivated to create opportunities for group achievements. It’s not a surprise that one of the areas of focus during the retreat was on how individual leadership provides solutions to large and small obstacles.

Using the book Extreme Ownership as a starting point, our team applied the lessons learned in U.S. Navy Seals leadership training to private aviation. Each member of our team knows that the success of our organization comes from their individual execution and management. Each person in the company owns their piece of expertise and acumen. It’s part of what separates JetHQ from other transaction facilitators. We have a stake in the success of our clients and will do everything to ensure they achieve their goals.

Making Memories Together

Of course, our team took advantage of the amazing locale for relaxation and unique experiences. From five-star meals at the JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa or private dinners at Flora Farms, to incredible views of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, our team packed in as much fun as we did training. American football fans came together for our own Super Bowl party to kick off the event.

Paddle boating, kayaking, swimming and yoga were part of the group gathering, where spouses and significant others also got a chance to meet or reacquaint with each other. One of the highlights had to be an excursion on a private yacht, which culminated in a whale-watching dinner cruise.

We’re grateful to have been able to gather, to have built a team and to celebrate what makes JetHQ special. We look forward to the next time we’re all able to come together to toast the next milestone.