Assessing Aircraft Value Maximizes Sales Potential

November 21, 2020 |  Business

A private aircraft is more than just a transportation luxury. It’s a business driver and time saver. It opens up greater opportunities and can help close deals all over the world.

And of course, it’s a very important asset that needs to be accurately appraised and valued. JetHQ’s team of aviation professionals have the expertise to determine what your aircraft is worth and when is the best time to sell what could be your organization’s single-biggest asset.

The demand for available business jets and helicopters can be extremely volatile. With pre-owned aircraft entering the marketplace all the time, it is virtually impossible for an individual owner or operator to know when or how to best sell their aircraft. It takes an experienced team of worldwide professionals to analyze market trends to maximize value.

Our team has spent decades in the field and know what buyers are looking for in their next aircraft. There is more to your aircraft than age and engine hours. Our sales professionals can prioritize and assess aircraft features and suggest potential upgrades, such as inflight communication and entertainment.

How do your avionics and interior amenities stack up against similar aircraft? What are typical features or technology for an aircraft of its age? What would make the aircraft stand out? Our team can make the comparisons and offer recommendations. We thoroughly investigate engine types, use and cycles, making sure your aircraft will see the most return on years of investment, diligent upkeep and maintenance.

We are committed to creating a robust market for your aircraft through extensive promotion, marketing and documentation. Properly photographing the aircraft through the cabin, cockpit and exterior can draw a buyer in and showcase its appeal, but it will be the details and specifications that make them decide to complete the transaction.

Finally, our team knows how global trends and needs factor into how to accurately estimate your aircraft. With connections to a network of qualified buyers, our sales professionals can advise you on when to make your aircraft available for sale, and which price would be the best to generate interest and ensure it is not sold for less than its true value. Based on market demand for specific aircraft models, it may be of greater financial interest to accelerate your fleet-transition plans.

Find Out Your Aircraft’s Accurate Value

Let our experienced sales professionals create an asset portfolio and market analysis for your aircraft.