aircraft pre-buy inspections

The Aircraft Pre-Buy Inspection

June 22, 2021 |  Business Commercial Helicopter

One of the most important stages in the acquisition process is the aircraft pre-buy inspection. Garett Jerde, Founder and Managing Director of JetHQ, talks through a few key aspects of these inspections.

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  1. Pick the Right Shop

You have to determine which maintenance facility in which you have the aircraft pre-buy inspection completed. Aircraft manufacturers, authorized service centers and speciality service centers are all options.

  1. Ensure the Borescope Inspection Ends Well

The engine is one of the most expensive components of an aircraft, so its inspection needs to go well.

  1. Every aircraft has corrosion.

Find it, treat it and overcome it correctly – or post purchase you’ll have more problems on your hands.

Obviously, the aircraft pre-buy inspection can be a challenging feat, which is why Garett recommends hiring a consultant or professional organization to manage and be onsite throughout the process. This inspection is a critical part of purchasing your aircraft.

JetHQ Manages Pre-Buys Inspections

Our in-house inspection team of experienced pilots and technicians will ensure a fair and timely evaluation that keeps you safe, minimizes risks and protects your valuable new investment.