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A Healthy Flight is a Private Flight

May 20, 2020 |  Business

Not all business can be conducted over video channels. Between online security vulnerabilities and the power and scrutiny of in-person interaction, companies will continue to need to transport teams, executives and key personnel to on-site locations.

Businesses and organizations that thoroughly vet travel options going forward will come to one conclusion: fly private. JetHQ can make that happen.

Before returning to previously scheduled flight routes and capacities, many airlines have promised new levels of safety within their aircraft. Extra cleaning protocols and more precautions, they have told consumers. Those are positive steps for travelers. But what’s the reality of these new procedures? They’re difficult to implement and maintain.

Airlines will need to purchase new equipment and outfit cleaning crews with the tools necessary to support these protocols. As we’ve seen, there’s often a significant delay between ordering manufactured products and delivery of those goods to the places that need them.

Since all carriers are facing the economic effects of COVID-19, it also may be difficult for companies with limited or reduced resources to fully implement their plans. A first-class ticket is no guarantee that an aircraft environment has been fully sanitized.

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Private flight travel has always had time on its side. Get ready for that gap to widen. Even well-executed airline plans will add time to flight turnarounds, increasing overall delays at major airports. It’s not reasonable to expose VIPs and key travelers to extended time in an area of high transmission risk.

Purchasing one’s own aircraft alleviates all of these problems. Trust a small group to operate or manage an aircraft to ensure passengers are safe. Control schedules and exposure while getting maximum return on travel investment.

JetHQ’s highly seasoned team has completed decades of aviation sales. Our sales professionals find clients the right aircraft for their needs and have the experience to complete deals anywhere in the world while navigating through complex regulations.

Protect Your Team

Let’s find the aircraft to fulfill your important travel requirements privately.