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We Make Buying A Private Jet Easy

JetHQ was founded on the belief that the most valuable asset in aviation is trust. We strive to not simply acquire and sell aircraft for our clients, but build lasting relationships with which all aircraft services may be utilized from a trusted partner.

JetHQ’s founder, Garett Jerde, worked for several years at one of the world’s premier aircraft manufacturers as a demonstration pilot and a sales director. Recognizing that managing successful international aircraft acquisitions and aircraft sales can be a time consuming and complex process, where busy business owners rely on guidance and service to protect their investments, Garett established JetHQ in Dubai to provide a professional, integrated and customized aircraft brokerage and consulting service business to help you navigate the complex process of aircraft ownership.

At JetHQ, we have designed industry leading market research analytics and recruited a team of highly experienced business aviation professionals to help make business aviation complications vanish and to provide solutions based on sound, strategic analysis and expert execution. For our clients, this means that all steps from contract to closing are handled professionally, promptly, accurately and all schedule so that your aviation asset is protected.

Access Private Aircraft Markets

If you’re looking for a specific jet model or features, our global sales team can help find the perfect fit within our network of private sellers. Let us know of your interest by completing the form:

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The aircraft transaction process requires real-time and future market data, including current trends, market research and a network of relationships to successfully bring together qualified buyers and sellers. At JetHQ, we are in the business of building relationships and bringing buyers and sellers together through our managed process and turn-key services. Our in-house proprietary database and our specialized JetHQ support team was designed to standardize processes and to increase productively, allowing you to focus on your core business while we manage your aircraft transaction.

JetHQ was built on the principle of partnering with our clients and the people we serve so that we can develop a relationship based on trust, transparency and adhering to the highest moral values that are beneficial to our clients and JetHQ . In addition, our ability to inventory means more opportunities for you to find the right aircraft, while creating the flexibility to take aircraft trade ins. We can buy your aircraft without needing to find an end buyer, to help ensure that we are providing best in class, unique and customized options and services for the people we serve.

As a leader in the industry with a team of former, OEM, sales professionals, JetHQ has established, strategic, business partnerships and relationships with most of the OEM’s and other successful, aviation professionals. This established network allows JetHQ a unique opportunity to bring together qualified buyers and sellers, maximizing values and accelerating velocity while also retaining the highest level professionalism and offering worldwide, turn-key aviation services. By combining our regional expertise and infrastructure with a world-wide reach and more than 150 years of combined Global Aviation Sales Experience, JetHQ offers you a full-service aviation organization with a significant competitive advantage.