Kodiak is the Multi-Mission Machine

Built for Public Sector Flights

The Kodiak 100 Series III flies anywhere and is a multi-mission workhorse. Beyond just a backcountry aircraft, it is the ultra-modern short takeoff and landing plane designed and built for any scenario. Easily converted from carrying passengers to cargo, Kodiak is simply the most advanced, versatile, and robust aircraft in its class.


Start Flying

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Kodiak Delivers Versatility

Operational Excellence

From its beginning as a clean-sheet design in 2001, Kodiak has become the preferred single-engine turboprop for government and military missions throughout the world, fitting perfectly for the South Asia market. JetHQ offers full sales support for brand-new aircraft which are built to handle limited or rough airstrips.

Built for Land, Sea and Air

The Kodiak’s versatility serves regional communities and operations to perfection. A single pilot can operate a the 10-seat Kodiak, allowing goods and supplies to be transported quickly and efficiently. One option includes state-of-the-art carbon-fiber floats that minimize the time it takes to get off the water, making a more comfortable and safer flight. It’s one of the reasons that India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has only used the Kodiak for single-engine seaplane flights.

Ready to Work

Among its many uses, Kodiak excels at intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, and air ambulance or public safety search and rescue flights. Commercial applications include passenger and cargo transport, utility and infrastructure inspection and airborne agriculture monitoring. The Kodiak easily coverts from passengers to cargo and has a large payload door.

Efficient and Powerful

Built for efficiency, the Kodiak has the lowest operating costs in its class. Even on the water, its engine power gets you up in the air quickly. Fly the fastest seaplane currently made or take it above the mountains in all-weather conditions.