Kodiak Delivers Versatility and Adventure

Built for the mission

Thoroughly modern, the Kodiak is engineered to handle the most rugged conditions and toughest flying. It is one aircraft for many missions, adapting to the terrain where it’s needed. Narrow airstrips, rough or no runway, Kodiak flies where others can’t. Quite simply, Kodiak is the most-advanced short-takeoff and landing turboprop available.

Operational Excellence

The Kodiak’s versatility serves regional communities and operations to perfection. A single pilot can operate a the 10-seat Kodiak, allowing goods and supplies to be transported quickly and efficiently. Whether moving people comfortably or delivering essential medical equipment to remote locations, Kodiak supports the mission.

Infinitely adjustable

The Kodiak easily coverts from passengers to cargo and has a large payload door. With fully adjustable seats, the aircraft has perfectly located panoramic windows. Add an optional cargo pod for more storage or adapt it to a float plane without structural upgrades.

Efficient and Powerful

Built for efficiency, the Kodiak has the lowest operating costs in its class. Even on the water, its engine power gets you up in the air quickly. Fly the fastest seaplane currently made or take it above the mountains in all-weather conditions.