2018 Boeing 787-8


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  • Boeing Engineering Support Hours
  • Fly by Wire Avionics
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November 2017

Total Time

16:36 Hours

Home Base

GreenPoint USA

Maintenance Tracking


Entitlement Provisions

Waiver from Intellectual Property Royal Fee

Outfitters’ Data Package

Boeing Engineering Support Hours – 1,000 Hours


Left Engine GE


Right Engine GE


Left Engine Total Hours

16:36 Hours

Right Engine Total Hours

16:36 Hours

Left Engine Total Cycles

12 Cycles

Right Engine Total Cycles

12 Cycles


APS 5000

Total Hours Since New

50 Hours


81 Cycles


18 Business Class Seats at 75-Inch Pitch

244 Economy Class Seats at 32-Inch Pitch

262 Total Passenger Seats

Operational Weights

Maximum Taxi Weight (MTW)

486,000 Pounds (250,445 KG)

Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW)

484,000 Pounds (219,538 KG)

Maximum Landing Weight (MLW)

370,000 Pounds (167,829 KG)

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW)

345,000 Pounds (156,489 KG

Cockpit and Avionics

Automatic Flight Controls Fly by wire system, AFF Autopilot, Thrust management system


Indication & Recording System 5LCD AS PFD, MFD, EICAS, Dual HUD and Dual Class 3 EFB

Navigation FMS - DME - ADS-B - ADF - FANS - GNSS - VOR - ISS - ILS - TCAS - RA - TAWS - LOC - RWS - RNAV - WXR - LNAV - ADF - VNAV

Noise Level: Stage 4

Approach Category: CAT I, II, III

Catering Standard: 5,189 Pounds per operational items weight (FWD, MED and AFT Galley); Supplemental arrangement not available till outfitting is selected

Cargo Configuration: Forward Cargo 5 A-size or M-size pallets, Aft Cargo 4 A-size or M-size + 2LD-3s, Bulk compartment