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Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Global President

Rebecca may have grown up in California and gone to San Jose State University, but her career has long since taken her past her Golden State roots. She’s been a demonstration pilot all over the world as part of Hawker Beechcraft. As a corporate pilot, she flew various VIPs to their global business destinations. She’s been in charge of Gulfstream’s sales territory in southern Europe.

Her varied experiences and deep outdoors passion exemplify a “typical” JetHQ leader, who isn’t merely a collection of words on a resume. Rebecca has flown far and raced hard, both in cycling and triathlon. She doesn’t sit still for long. 

Rebecca’s home in Switzerland serves as an excellent base for monitoring the continents large aviation community and scenic bicycle rides through the mountains. Knowing the industry well, she carves out an inside path to JetHQ’s next prospect.