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Nicola Pike

Nicola Pike

Vice President of Contracts & Business Development

There’s no such thing as a 9-to-5 day in Nicola’s world. Her morning may begin with an early call or transaction from the Asia-Pacific region or JetHQ’s Dubai headquarters. Then work continues with European colleagues before American agents start buzzing her UK-based office, possibly lasting well into the evening.  

That schedule demonstrates the high demand for Nicola’s more than 30 years’ worth of aircraft contract and logistics experience. Beginning with British Aerospace after graduating from the University of London, Nicola has worked for some of the leading aviation manufacturers, including the military and commercial side of Hawker, through Raytheon and eventually Textron Aviation. 

Joining JetHQ in 2015, she overcomes obstacles that could otherwise halt a transaction, with an eagle-eyed attention to detail on a plane’s history and paperwork. Nicola knows that getting a result to satisfy all parties means not sticking to regular hours.