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Garett Jerde

Garett Jerde

Founder and Managing Director

Flying all over the world and serving as a manufacturer’s internationally based sales director gave Garett a detailed perspective into to the world of aircraft transactions. He recognized that customers in the preowned market weren’t receiving the same level of service and information as those buying new from OEMs.

He founded JetHQ to change that. His vision was to provide clients the best value for their investment, while forming relationships built on trust. He brought together a highly experienced team to connect buyers with the right aircraft, and sellers with a world of options to market their valuable assets.

Garett began his career as a pilot, flying demonstration and ferry flights for Raytheon, which later became Hawker Beechcraft. He traded ferrying – where he flew legs from Arkansas to Singapore and Scotland to South Africa – for the sales side of the business. He eventually served as regional sales director of Hawker Beechcraft, responsible for Europe, Russia and North Africa territories, based in the United Kingdom and Spain.

As JetHQ managing director, he still frequently travels to provide aircraft solutions for clients. A typical week might be a couples days in the Dubai, then to Hong Kong and then heading home to the Pacific Northwest. Garett gets the most fulfillment from solving problems, accepting that every transaction has unique challenges and logistical needs, and his knowledgeable team has the diverse expertise to solve them.

He continues to fly – holding multiple type ratings and an Airline Transport Pilot license and a current CFI– assisting with deliveries when the situation arises. He also takes advantage of the unique opportunities worldwide work offers, whether that’s shark-cage diving off the coast of South Africa or running a marathon in Switzerland. His main passion, however, is bringing together parties separated by language or culture, and coming away with relationship-based transactions that allow everyone to win!