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Dipankar Jha

Dipankar Jha

Sales Director

Dipankar didn’t just want to fly growing up – he wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. After receiving fixed-wing training, he switched to helicopters in the Air Force, finding their role in day-to-day situations more fascinating. That switch led Dipankar to search and rescue operations, including eight major disaster relief operations while in the Indian Air Force.

After leaving the military, he transitioned to aircraft operations and sales with a team representing Bell Helicopter and Textron Aviation in India. Dipankar brings the operational pilot’s perspective to every sale. His knowledge of how crews and operational teams will use the equipment gives him a leg up in securing transactions.

Dipankar’s an expert in navigating India’s highly regulated and developing market. His unique experiences make him one of the country’s rare contacts who can give clients access to the entire world of buyers and sellers.