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Butch Lang

Butch Lang

Executive Vice President

What’s the most interesting aspect of Butch’s background? It might be as a Navy Pilot, flying reconnaissance missions in Vietnam. Or logging more than 10,000 hours of flight time as a commercial pilot. Maybe it’s the 30 years of aircraft sales where he’s closed more than 250 transactions worth more than $500 million.

Listing what Butch hasn’t done might be shorter than his vast collection of experiences within aviation. He’s dealt with decision makers of Fortune 100 companies, ensuring the company’s flight needs will be handled. He’s met with oil producers and software giants that have resulted in decades’ long relationships. All while seeing the aircraft he sold transition from simple electrical and mechanical systems to today’s sophisticated multi-million-dollar pieces of technology.

To succeed as Butch has succeeded, one has to demonstrate great persistence and flexibility throughout a career. Now as JetHQ’s vice president Butch brings that knowledge and experience in helping others take their next step of achievement.