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Adolfo Nieto

Adolfo Nieto

VP Sales - Mexico

Adolfo Nieto, born and raised in Mexico City, holds a degree in Mechanical Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. Fluent in English, Portuguese, and French, he possesses a global perspective and has seamlessly conducted business with diverse cultures and nationalities.

With a career spanning over two decades, Adolfo’s expertise extends beyond aviation into the realms of marketing. He has successfully marketed helicopters, turboprops, and jets in both commercial and military sectors. Adolfo is currently a Managing Partner at WULF AVIATION and serves as Sales Vice President for JetHQ in Mexico, where he continues to shape the aviation industry.

Passionate about data and artificial intelligence, Adolfo envisions their transformative potential in business. He’s also ventured into real estate construction and investment, building and trading several condominiums.

Outside of work, Adolfo enjoys family life, outdoor adventures, and restoring antique automobiles.