Kani Saritas

Ready to Serve Your Aircraft Needs

Finding the right aircraft or a qualified buyer for one’s current inventory takes extensive experience and connections. JetHQ is a global company, but our strength lies in our local knowledge and the relationships we’ve developed within the region. I’m Kani Saritas, the leader of our Middle East and Africa sales territory. Through a lifetime in aviation, I’ve worked with FBOs, MROs and aircraft owners to make transactions easier. My passion for flight means I’m considering every aspect for clients from engineering to comfort to value. In every detail, trust that we prioritize your interests first.

No Barrier to Your Next Aircraft

As an international broker, we have access to an unmatched inventory of aircraft, including well-equipped super midsize jets and larger. We’ve completed complex transactions bringing aircraft from other regions, such as Europe or the United States, into Asia and Africa. Our language fluency and cultural knowledge open doors. We also handle smaller jets, turboprops and helicopters. We can secure the aircraft that fits your needs.

Global Buyers Maximize Your Return

When you’re ready to sell an aircraft or change your fleet, JetHQ has connections to make the transaction advantageous. We have access to a network of qualified buyers from around the world. This increased exposure multiplies opportunities and ensures a fair market price for your asset. We protect your investment.

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