Sellers Can Capitalize on Aircraft Demand

December 23, 2020 |  Business

When’s the best time to sell a house? When the available inventory for buyers is low, of course. It doesn’t take a seasoned real-estate trader to see when the market is heating up. That same inventory demand, however, is not always obvious for aircraft, because it’s not hyper localized to a single city or neighborhood.

Private aviation is a key business driver all over the globe, not just in one city or country. Those international movements drive markets in other parts of the world and affect aircraft demand in different countries. At JetHQ, our experienced, globally based team, pulls all of that data together to see the preowned aircraft market holistically. The conclusion is simple: current owners can take advantage of tremendous demand right now.

The past year has seen a number of changing patterns for businesses and individuals. The COVID-19 pandemic that changed the business of travel is having long-term ramifications, with greater uncertainty for airlines, as they reduce routes and availability. The result is an influx of buyers who are entering private aviation for the first time.

JetHQ’s team of aviation professionals know what these buyers are seeking. Our experienced group has local connections across the world and are on the ground seeing the demand in their locales.

Currently, the demand for aircraft in the United States is high, but there aren’t enough aircraft to fully meet it domestically. That’s where JetHQ’s team can assist to bring aircraft from one region to another, navigating complex regulations or shutdown policies to make deals happen.

First-time buyers are looking to reduce their touchpoints with airports and to find the aircraft that fits their mission needs. As experts, JetHQ can advise light jet and turboprop owners as to their best selling options, as well as find qualified buyers for long-range jets or helicopters.

JetHQ stands out among other transaction facilitators in the variety of aircraft that we sell, as well as assess for their value. Our recent sales have included a vintage biplane up to ultra long range aircraft. We don’t focus on certain manufacturers or aircraft types, allowing us flexibility in making deals that work for all parties. JetHQ can act as a broker to sell, take inventory in directly, or even advise on how to retire an aircraft for maximum value through its component parts.

Our team’s thorough market analysis gives sellers an advantage and leads on acquiring their next aircraft, as well, to minimize potential down time after a sale. We are full-service transaction specialists who are ready to assist.

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