Garett Jerde, Founder and Managing Director

Garrett Jerde

Garett founded JetHQ in 2012 with the intention to close the gap in service between buying a new aircraft from a manufacturer or buying a preowned aircraft and offering clients the best value for their investment. The company was founded on the belief that trust is the most important part of any transaction.

Prior to launching JetHQ, Garett was a regional sales director of Hawker Beechcraft responsible for sales in Europe, Russia, and North Africa. Garett is an accomplished pilot holding nine different type ratings, ATP, CFI, CFII, and MEI. Garett continues to fly and assists in deliveries when possible.

When asked what he likes best about selling aircraft, Garett responded, “just the idea of connecting two parties from different parts of the world and coming together to close a win-win transaction, gets me excited every time”.

Garett is based in Greenwich, CT and travels throughout the world to pursue business and maintain relationships.